Seasoned Logs

Logs are the most versatile and available form of wood fuel and, of all the wood fuels, are the easiest way of heating a home.

Traditionally hardwood is perceived as a better fuel but the truth is softwood and hardwood are both good fuels. A kilogram of softwood can have the same calorific value as a kilogram of hardwood.

The energy density for log wood stacked and air dried to a moisture content of 20% is about 1400 kwh/m³ for softwood and 2,200 kwh/m³ for native hardwoods. You will need to burn 50% more softwood to produce the same amount of energy as hardwood. Therefore more storage is required for softwood. We only supply mixed native hardwoods.

The most important factor to maximise heat production is to minimise the moisture content. We achieve moisture content levels well below 20%, generally around 14 – 15% by long seasoning periods of 1 – 2½ years depending upon species.

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Logs can be purchased in any multiple in various forms:

– Loose loads by the m³
– Bulk bags of about 0.75m³
– Small nets

They can be delivered or you are welcome to collect.

Moisture Reading Log Pile